D8 or D9? What's the Difference?

With CBD products gaining popularity in Texas (and the rest of the United States) more compounds found within the plant family are being introduced into the world, too. Lately, that topic of discussion has been revolving around the cannabinoid compounds of Delta-8 and Delta-9. 

What are they? What’s the difference? What is available to Texans? Let’s talk about it.

Delta-8 and Delta-9 are both THC cannabinoids. D8, however, occurs naturally in very small amounts and, typically, as Delta-9 begins to age. Delta-8 (D8) is a psychoactive compound said to have a similar (but less pronounced) response to delta-9 THC. 

Delta-8 has gained popularity from hemp states like Texas because of that effect and the fact that D9 wasn’t readily available. Because it’s naturally scarce, most D8 on the market today is converted from CBD. The CBD is extracted from hemp and is refined into an isolate. That CBD, by itself, can be used in THC-free products (like our bath bombs and THC Free gummies) or it can be synthesized into Delta-8.

Delta-9 (D9) THC, however, is the second major cannabinoid in the Cannabis plant family and it occurs, naturally, in large quantities in those plants grown in states that have legalized high THC Cannabis (“marijuana”). Remember that CBD and D9 THC are the two major cannabinoids that naturally occur in the plant family. 

If you’ve ever “had the real stuff” in a place like Colorado or California, you’ve had Delta-9.

d9 gummies

So, how do we have it for sale on our website? Is this a trick?

No, it’s all a treat, because our D9 is hemp derived, therefore it is compliant with the laws in Texas. States that allow hemp-derived products are states we can ship to.

Remember, it’s all Cannabis. Both hemp and marijuana are two sides of the cannabis plant family coin (so to speak) and it is on a seed-genetics-level that the difference is made. In Texas, hemp farms like ours must grow the High CBD seed, which mandates the harvest must test as containing .3% or less D9 THC. Once the plants are harvested, and those cannabinoids are extracted, they’re hemp-derived and compliant.

But D9 is D9, no matter the source. It just takes 100x more hemp plants to get D9 needed to make the same product in Colorado or California. 

Which do you choose?

That’s up to you! The beauty of Cannabis wellness is that the plant’s cannabinoid compounds are designed to work with us in varying ways. While some people may seek that same result they’d find in a “legal state”, others may want to forego THC altogether. 

Check out our handy little chart for more info. (Remember D8 is similar to D9)

Many who are new to cannabis wellness products choose to begin with a CBD product before expanding to a THC. Typically it is recommended to look for the least amount it takes to achieve the desired result.



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